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secrets left unspoken is a collection of my random thoughts i had left unsaid. it’s where i can write all my feelings and emotions but never even speaks about it. this serves as my escape from this world where no one to talk to and no one to hold on to. this is the place where i can be ME as ME without hesitations. this is a peak in to the world as i see it.
WARNING: you may sometimes read death notes here.
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// 6 May 2018
stop wasting her time...
if you aren’t serious about courting her.
if you aren’t serious on loving her.
if you aren’t serious on giving her what she truly deserves.
if you aren’t serious on waiting for her to walk down the aisle while you’re on the other side mesmerising how beautiful your bride to be is.
if you aren’t serious on growing old with her.
if you aren’t serious about all of that, then stop wasting her time dude. her time is more precious than yours. stop now and let someone do that to her, someone who can really do that because that someone thinks that she really deserves to be treated like that. stop shaming yourself.

stop tainting the name of a true gentleman, kiddo!