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secrets left unspoken is a collection of my random thoughts i had left unsaid. it’s where i can write all my feelings and emotions but never even speaks about it. this serves as my escape from this world where no one to talk to and no one to hold on to. this is the place where i can be ME as ME without hesitations. this is a peak in to the world as i see it.
WARNING: you may sometimes read death notes here.
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// 30 Sep 2017
i enjoy waiting who's that perfect person to be mine. i just caught myself throwing up in the midst of extraordinary people carrying the bundle of hope, of trust, of pure happiness, and a capsule of memorable scenes which last longer than their "i love yous" . so don't be ashame, don't even vet bitter for single are ones who has a free spirited of enthusiasm coz they are i mean we don't handle any task for ourselves or rather for our special one. those who'll get single soon welcome to the fireworks of emotions where a single hue can brought you to the space of wonderland and that's exactly the summit of zenith you're looking for. so let's cheer anybody out there let's just ruin the fake emotion. lol