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secrets left unspoken is a collection of my random thoughts i had left unsaid.it’s where i can write all my feelings and emotions but never even speaks about it. this is the place where i can be ME as ME without hesitations. a pure open-minded understanding is the key in unlocking true appreciation on my craft.

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♥♡♥♡ // 12 Jul 2016
i started gaining weight when i decided to take birth control pills two years ago. now it’s really hard for me to lose weight and return to my previous form and diet. i am always hungry, i ate what i want. when i don't eat i feel so weak. if i miss a meal i feel like passing out, i get headaches, i feel horrible if i miss a meal. i hated what i look now, no shirt, jeans would fit me and i gave away all my dresses too. i hate being the way i am, i'm desperate and pathetic. i just wanna lose all this fucking fat. i hate it with a passion.

being fat sucks in so many ways.